Practice Improvement Projects

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Practice improvement projects (PIP) are a central component of the Coleman Palliative Medicine Training Program. Projects are designed by each palliative medicine fellow to meet the palliative care needs of patient populations served at his/her respective hospital or practice.

An Intent to Change Contract (ICC) is a tool for goal setting, creating a project timeline, and tracking progress.

Explore the Resources webpage for quality improvement tools and teaching materials for use with practice improvement projects.

Types of Practice Improvement Projects

  • Clinical Initiatives
  • Educational Initiatives

Methods of Intervention

  • Providing education and training to health care providers
  • Generating support and buy-in from leadership
  • Developing tools to improve assessment, screening and communication
  • Streamlining systems of care


  • Focused goal
  • Attainable
  • Meaningful to palliative medicine fellow
  • Impacts the quality of or patient access to palliative care
  • Supported by hospital leadership
  • Measurable objectives/outcomes
  • Sustainable

Examples of Clinical Initiatives and Educational Initiatives